Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena

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Terms and Conditions

Insurance - All games played at Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena (CISA) will not be covered by insurance.

All players play at their own risk. Your signature on the registration form acknowledges this fact.

Registration - All players must be registered. Registration fees are non-refundable

Game Fees - All game fees must be paid in full before you take the court.

Forfeits - A team will incur a forfeit for any non-appearance for a scheduled game. The penalty for a forfeit is a loss of three (3) competition points. If the team forfeits again in the same competition they will be omitted from the competition.

Game Times - The game times are only done one (1) week at a time, please consult counter staff each week. If you have a function and you want to organize your game time around it please inform counter staff and all efforts will be made to accommodate it.

Food & Drinks - At no time is food or drinks allowed on the court.

Uniforms - Teams are asked to nominate a colour and are encourage to play in this colour; other wise you will be asked to wear a bib.

Attire - No Black soled shoes and no Studs allowed on the court, due to safety reasons.

Fouls and Misconduct - Foul and abusive language can result with a red card, yellow card, sin bin or to be placed in goal. The referee's decision is FINAL.

Mercy Rule - Please see home page for information about the centers Mercy Rule. If you have any further questions please see Ryan