Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena

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About Us

Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena is the only purpose built Indoor Soccer Centre in Macarthur, if not the whole of NSW. We cater for all ages and abilities. Sporting one large walled-off Indoor Soccer Court; it is an ideal place for kids and adults to play soccer throughout all seasons.

Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena is the only complex in the Macarthur area to cater solely to soccer enthusiasts, making it a great atmosphere. So why not come down and play at the best indoor complex in Macarthur, you will always get a fair game. You can call us any time to register your interest in any of our competitions, so if you want to play at a center where we care about your passion for soccer with a fun and social atmosphere give us a call.

We also do Private Functions, Court Hires and Birthday Parties. Contact Us Today!

The venue itself hosts:   

· Plenty of Spectators seating                · Toilets + Change Rooms (with Showers)
· Air Hockey + Arcade Games                · Cafeteria
· FOXTEL                                                .EFTPOS

Red/Yellow Card Rules

RED CARD - Any one that receives a Red Card will be given a 1 week suspension. It is one week, not one game, so if you play on other nights you will miss them too.

YELLOW CARD - 5 yellow cards in any current comps will result in 1 weeks suspension, once a comp finishes those yellows will not count. Another 3 yellows after the red will result in another 2 WEEKS SUSPENSION.

Mercy Rule Information

To make games fair to all playing abilities we have rules for teams who have a better skill level then the opposition.

It is know as the Mercy Rule, it will never affect the result of the game it just restricts the score of the game.
We believe that those with less ability should still have a fun enjoyable experience.
This is applied to any game at the discretion of the Referee.

A guideline to these restrictions are as follows.
  • 6 goals difference the losing team will get to play with an extra player.
  • 6 goals losing teams keeper can kick over half way (adults drop kid, juniors can punt)
  • 8 goals difference the Winning team willbe on 2 touch
  • 10 goals difference the winning team can only shoot for goal from the yellow line.

If at any time the losing team scores 2 goals to close the score line these restriction will be removed.