Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena

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* Game Fees are payable prior to game starting. NO other options are available.
* Registration Fees are to be paid by round 4 at the latest

* No playing the ball off the ground.
* No second shoot towards goal after your team has scored.
‚Äč* No Jewellery, Watches, Necklaces or Bracelets worn during game.
*Any fill in player/s you bring down to play are required to pay the appropriate game fee.
* If you are short a player/s please advise the owner and a paid fill in will be arranged. If no notice is given, a free fill in will be provide.
* Free fill ins are not allowed to score or play as keeper.
*Paid Fill ins goals count for and against both teams.
*Please give as much notice as possible to arrange a paid fill in.
* If you are short ANY player/s but bring your own fill in/s, NO forfeit applies.
* Short 1 player and the center arranges a fill in player-NO forfeit applies.
* Short 2,3 or 4 players and the center arranges fill in players. No forfeit applies but the opposition will get 4 points (=win points) if they have a loss or draw result, the goals for & against will remain as is. Your team is awarded the points as is the result at the end of the game.
* If you are unable to make your scheduled game (regardless of notice) a forfeit, registered as a loss will be recorded.
* If the team just doesn't show up (no notice/heads up at all) a forfeit registered as a loss and minus 3 points.
* This is played at the referee/centers discretion

* 6 goals gap the losing team gets an extra player

*8 Goal gap - 2 touch or shoot from the yellow line

* 10 goal gap, Leading team must shoot before the yellow line and 2 touch football Or the ref can add another player.

* Once the Goal difference drops to 4 the Mercy rule is lifted