Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena

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# Only registered players are eligible to play

# All registrations need to be paid in full by the last game to be eligible to play Semis, Finals and also to receive a Trophy

# To be eligible to play, players need to be fully paid up and played at least SIX(6) games for that team

# Comps will be split into divisions where there is enough teams 

# Semis draw is Div 1 – 1v4 and 2v3, winners straight to Grand Final (losers play each other)

Div 2 – 5v8 and 6v7, winners straight to Grand Final (losers play each other)

Div 3 – 9v12 and 10v11 

# Semi & finals – If the game is a draw at full time there will be an extra FIVE(5) minutes of play which is GOLDEN GOAL (this means first goal to be scored wins the game) If no goal is scored after 1 minute, ONE(1) player from each team will leave the field every minute until it is 3v3, at this point the game will be played until there is a goal scored.

There is NO penalty shoot-out


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.