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Macarthur's Original and only Soccer Arena!
Youth League For all ages

Summer Comps starting first week of September.


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Macarthurs Original and ONLY Soccer Arena!

Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena is the only purpose built Indoor Soccer Centre in Macarthur, if not the whole of NSW. We cater for all ages and abilities. Sporting one large walled-off Indoor Soccer Court; it is an ideal place for kids and adults to play soccer throughout all seasons.

Campbelltown Indoor Soccer Arena is the only complex in the Macarthur area to cater solely to soccer enthusiasts, making it a great atmosphere. So why not come down and play at the best indoor complex in Macarthur, you will always get a fair game. You can call us any time to register your interest in any of our competitions, so if you want to play at a center where we care about your passion for soccer with a fun and social atmosphere give us a call.

We also do Private Functions, Court Hires and Birthday Parties.

We also do
Private Functions
Court Hires
Birthday Parties.

About Us

Doing it for more than 25 years

You can contact us at any time on 0402 795 874

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Sunday Draw
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Goober FC
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Latest News

Junior Summer Comp

Junior Summer Comp

Starts mid September, runs til march

Monday -7+8s

Tuesday 13+14 comp 1

Wednesday 15+16s

Thursday 13+14 comp 2

Friday under 4s and Under 6s

Saturday 7+8s, 9+10s and 11+12s


Junior Winter comp

Starts March, runs til September

Monday -7+8+9

Monday - 10+11+12

Tuesdy - 13+14+15





Does your child love soccer? Tired of the same old birthday parties? 

Book and enjoy the exclusive use of our center!!!

  - Hire Out/Self Catered Option 
$300 (2 hours) includes:

Recommended for 7yrs and up

  • Birthday invitations
    • Party host to run all party games and soccer games
  • Exclusive access to the pitch (inc equipment, bibs & balls)
  • Access to all facilities (toilets & change rooms)
  • You supply ALL food and drink
  • No minimum or maximum children (so as many as you wish to invite)
  • Discounted hourly rate of $120 per hour if you require addition time.




* Game Fees are payable prior to game starting. NO other options are available.
* Registration Fees are to be paid by round 4 at the latest - No refunds or transfers of regos.

* No playing the ball off the ground. One knee down constitues being on the ground.
* No second shoot towards goal after your team has scored. Will result in goal being cancelled for unsportsman like conduct.
* No Jewellery, Watches, Necklaces or Bracelets worn during game.
*Any fill in player/s you bring down to play are required to pay the appropriate game fee.
* If you are short a player/s and are unable to get a mate/s to fill in, WE will arrange fill in player/s but if you request a specific player to fill in then you are required to play the appropriate game fee.
*Centre may apply restrictions on fill ins and centres descretion.
* If you are short ANY player/s but bring your own fill in/s, NO forfeit applies.
* Short 1 player and the center arranges a fill in player-NO forfeit applies.
* Short 2,3 or 4 players and the center arranges fill in players. No forfeit applies but the opposition will get 4 points (=win points) if they have a loss or draw result, the goals for & against will remain as is. Your team is awarded the points as is the result at the end of the game.
* If you are unable to make your scheduled game (regardless of notice) a forfeit, registered as a loss will be recorded.
* If the team just doesn't show up (no notice/heads up at all) a forfeit registered as a loss with a 0-5 goal difference & a minus 2 points at the discretion of the centre.
* This is played at the referee/centers discretion.

*Standard mercy rules for juniors and seniors

*6 goal difference - Extra player

*8 goal difference - extra player and 2 touch

*10 goal difference all the above and shoot from the yellow line

*Mercy rules will be activated quicker or additional player 6-7-8 as needed to ensure a fun and enjoyable game for all.